Updates to the memcached client

by admin 14. September 2011 13:26

New updates is available for my memcached client.

I decided to release this update as a proper release in codeplex, since the client contains the features it really needs now.


  • Server monitor that will monitor memcached server nodes and remove them from the cluster if they are dead, but re add them as soon as they become available again.
  • MultiGet implemented, so now you can ask for more than one key at a time. Only caveat to that is that the values have to be of the same type.
  • Gets has been implemented so you can get that CAS value to be used for Check and Set operations
  • Set operation has been implemented so you can unconditionally overwrite values in the memcached server.
  • Performance counters have been implemented, so you can see how busy your server is with doing memcached operations and how long it takes.

You can download the new release at: http://asyncmemcached.codeplex.com/releases/view/73320



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New release of async memcached client

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Apps sold in the EU set to receive Tax Hike

Apps sold in the EU set to receive Tax Hike

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