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Having tried out several web development frameworks, and service frameworks while building restful services, I found that none of them were really suited for the job.

So I decided to build a very simple framework that is intended to make REST services and nothing else. Its not a RPC framework, its meant to be used for REST.

Let me give a very brief overview of why I thought the already established frameworks is not good enough.

MVC is simply too weird for my taste, first of all it uses more or less "automagic" mapping of methods in a controller to the verbs being used. I do not like that, I like to be in absolute control. Secondly you have to return an ActionResult instance from your methods that is wrong in my opinion and hides the real intent of the methods, i.e. it makes much more sense to return the objects that your method found. I think MVC is more meant to build websites and not web services or even REST services.

MVC's async implementation is laughable, seriously who thought up the silly way that you have to incment async operations, why not simply go with the standard BeginXX/EndXX methodology instead of making something really weird. I guess its because real async is kind of hard to wrap your head around.

I have also tried out both WCF and WCF HTTP, which is the next gen version of WCF that is tailored to build web services over http.

WCF and WCF HTTP is pretty good, first of all, its a service framework, its built with services in mind. Its very extensible, although it can be hard to find the exact place to extend if you want to change a particular behaviour. WCF supports asynchronous operations out of the box. You do not have to return a weird result object, but can return whatever you please, and object or void.

The only real reasons why WCF did not cut it with me, was of two simple reasons. You cannot build hiearchical rest services with WCF, i.e. you cannot have a /addressbook/{addressbookid} and let that be served by one class, and then have /addressbook/{addressbookid}/contacts be served by another class. All access to the same root must be served by the same service, which require you to have _ALL_ your methods in one service, which is bad. The other reason is that its not very easy to exchange the serializer of WCF, in fact its so hard, that I do not think the guys that made the framework ever wanted someone to exchange the serializers.

WCF HTTP comes with a nice feature where it looks at the Accept-Types header of the request and serves the correct content type, but if you start tweaking with your own serializers, i.e. lets say you do not like the JsonDataContractSerializer, like so many people does not, and inject your own, then you loose that functionality and have to build that as well.

I also briefly looked at the OpenRasta framework, which looks awesome and supports everything you would ever need, except it does not support asynchronous services, so you loose some scalability if you use that.

All that being said, I decided to build my own simple framework that tries to do all that I needed and its actually very simple to use.

It sill lacks a few features, not something you cannot built yourself into your service implementation but something that will come in time.

I have called my framework and you can find it at supports the following features so far:


  • Automatic content type detection and serving of the requested content type
  • Supports asynchronous and synchronous api
  • Non intrusive, you can use any class as a REST service
  • Simple configuration, only add one http handler and configure the routes and you are good to go
  • You can return object instances from your services and the framework will handle serialization
  • Built in support for ETag / If-None-Match for proxy/browser caching capabilities
  • Plugs into an IOC container easily, so you can extend your REST services as you like


Features missing so far:


  • Authentication support natively
  • Logging support


The missing features is something  you can easily build into the REST service yourself by using interceptors or even just checking the auth headers in your methods, but it is something that should be part of the framework, so that kind of boiler plate code does not clutter your business logic.

To show how easy it is to build a REST service with the framework, I have implemted a Test REST service that is part of the code on codeplex.

Try it out and let me hear what you think :)

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