Updates to the asyncronous memcached client

by admin 21. September 2010 01:18

New updates is available for my memcached client.


  • Server monitoring is in place, i.e. if a server node goes down or several requests fail for a given node.  
  • Logging framework has been added, so useful log statements can be added.
Coming updates are:

  • Actually using the information added by the server monitor, to remove a node when it is marked as dead and reintroduce it again, if and when it is marked as alive again.
  • Implement Set - I don't know how I could forget this in the first version, but it's very simple to implement with the current implementation.
  • Implement MultiGet - so you can save a few precious roundtrips if you are lucky enough that all your keys end up on the same server node.
  • Implement stats operation - so you can get some usefull statistics back from the server.


Anyway, check it out at: http://asyncmemcached.codeplex.com

If anyone out there is actually using the client or considering it, please let me know, I would really like some feedback.

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