Mammock new mocking framework

by Administrator 16. February 2012 19:41

I have decided to fork Rhino Mocks and continue development of it under another name: Mammock.

Don't ask me how I came up with the name, it's kind of silly. A combination of Mammoth and Mock, but it turns out that mammock actually means something that is a fragment of something else, and you could say that a mock is a part of something else, which is the piece of code you want to test and thus Mammock is not such a bad name after all Cool

The plans for Mammock are:

  • Upgrade to .NET 4
  • Upgrade to Castle 3
  • Get rid of old style mocking and stear codebase towards pure AAA
  • Make the codebase smaller by providing a much smaller and leaner interface
  • Go through code base and optimise and fix bugs that have been filed against Rhino Mocks.


I have already updated the code to .NET 4 and Castle 3, but I will still have it as a goal to see if there are reflection or other code that has been made that can be done more efficiently using .NET 4.

I am thinking about giving the version number of Mammock .1 higher than the .NET framework it it targeting, so Mammock for .NET 4, would be Mammock 4.1 and so forth. But that is just an idea.

I plan on making Mammock compatible with Rhino Mocks in the sense that if you are using the following style:

MockRepository.GenerateStub<T>, MockRepository.GenerateMock<T> etc. i.e. the static methods.

Then you should be able to switch in Mammock without changing anything but the namespace.

You can find the codebase at github

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Configuration file magic via Smith.BuildExtensions

by Administrator 3. February 2012 21:00

I am sure everyone have had the "pleasure" of having to maintain configuration files across projects and even solutions, only to copy and paste configuration data between them, to keep them in sync, and have had the same issues that everyone else has had. i.e. Missing variables in one project, missing sections and so forth.

So have I, and in my previous work we used Nant and a custom built script to transform our app.config and web.config into the correct version for the given target we were building.

In a new work we are having the same exact problem, surprise Smile - and instead of "poluting" our code base with nant. (We are running TFS, so nant does not fit well in that) - I decided to build my own MSBuild Task that could do basically the same, i.e. transform a configuration template, exchanging "tokens" or variables with configured elements or values from one or many configuration files.

I have done that now, and you can see it all in its simple splendor at codeplex.

But basically you add a little stuff to the project files of the projects where you want to use the configuration sharing and transformation, and you create your templates for your app.config and web.config and a few files for the variables and the next time you build, you will get a configuration files that matches the Build Target you selected in visual studio - with warnings and errors in the Error List if you have missing configuration variables for a given build target.

The following information is copied from codeplex, where you can see more elaborate examples.

To start using the Smith Build extensions is really easy, simply download the code, build it and copy the Smith.BuildExtensions.dll to a directory of your choosing.

Then either create or copy the provided examples of config files and put those in another directory of your choosing.

Then you need to change all project files that you want transformations for.

Add the following line to the project that you want to have configuration transformations in:

<UsingTask TaskName="ConfigTransformTask" 
AssemblyFile="Smith.BuildExtensions.dll" />

But remember to change the AssemblyFile attribute to point to where you put the compiled Smith.BuildExtensions.dll file.

Uncomment the
<Target Name="BeforeBuild">

target and add the following to the target:

<Target Name="BeforeBuild">
   <ConfigTransformTask ConfigBaseDir="..\Configs" 
Configuration="$(Configuration)" Outputfile=".\App.config" />

Where the ConfigBaseDir is where you have placed the app.config and web.config templates and the build specific settings files.

ConfigTemplate is the name of the template to use for transformation, i.e. if you are doing this in a web project choose your web.config.base.config file, and the app.config.base.config file if its a normal project or test project.

The OutputFile attribute controls what filename to write the file to, i.e. again for a web project use Web.config and App.config for other projects.

To see a full project file example, head over to the Project file example page

To see how to create the xml configuration files, head over to the Xml examples page.

I hope whoever reads this will find it just as exiting that I do, and will be a happy user of it Laughing

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Finding foreign key constraints in sql server

by Administrator 2. February 2012 10:35

Sometimes when trying to truncate a table you need to remove all foreign keys referencing that table and that can be hard to do, since you cannot get a nice graphical overview.

To get the list of foreign key constraints for a given table you can run the following script exchanging the value in the @TABLENAME parameter.


    K_Table = FK.TABLE_NAME,
    FK_Column = CU.COLUMN_NAME,
    PK_Table = PK.TABLE_NAME,
    PK_Column = PT.COLUMN_NAME,
    Constraint_Name = C.CONSTRAINT_NAME
                i1.CONSTRAINT_TYPE = 'PRIMARY KEY'
           ) PT


Enjoy :)

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How to check the progress of the Shrink Database task in SQL Server

by Administrator 1. February 2012 15:46

When compacting large databases in SQL Server, whether or not its done via the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE command or done via the SQL Server Management Studio, you will experience a very long delay in the command returning.

To check how the process is going, you cannot simply look at a progress bar or se a percentage some nice place.

But you can use the system views in SQL Server to see how its going.

Simply open up a new query window in your SQL Server Management Studio and issue the following SQL:

	command = 'DbccFilesCompact'

That will give you a nice little table where you can see your compact task and how far it has gone in its progress.

But prepare to be disapointed - it is very slow to compact databases.


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